04 Sep

Are you searching for the best mini portable vaporizers? Can’t decide the best one? Don’t worry, we will guide you in the best possible way. Today, you get ample mini vaporizers in the market, and choosing the right one is a daunting task. Below is a list of a few top selling mini portable vaporizers. Let’s discuss them in detail!


One of the premium handheld vaporizers is Pax 3 and has gained a lot of popularity in the vaping world. The device looks quite similar to the previous generation Pax 2, but the manufacturers have added a few upgraded features.

The device has an impressive 15-second heat up system, which is twice as powerful than the previous one. You can easily connect the device with the smartphone and control the settings from your screen. The Pax 3 has a flat mouthpiece which makes the drawing convenient.

Key details:

⇒ Works with both Dry Herb and concentrates.
⇒ LED display
⇒ Internal accelerometer
⇒ Less heating time.
⇒ Lip sensing technology
⇒  Smartphone app for both Android and iOS users.
⇒ Haptic feedback

Arizer Air 2

The Arizer Air 2 vaporizers offer an incredible amount of features in comparison to the others in the same league. Considering its features, you can say that it's a great alternative to the big desktop vaporizers. The device has an isolated airway which allows no exposure between the vapor and electronics, which means you will get clean and true flavor vapors. Not just that, the device offers an incredible battery life which lasts for around 75 minutes or even more. You can use the device even while charging the device which means it's not a dead device when running out of battery. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

Key Features

⇒ Designed to be used with dry herbs.
⇒ A digital display helps to change any settings
⇒ The ability to make use of pass-through charging
⇒ A powerful battery with 75 minutes of continuous charging
⇒ An isolated airway offers untainted and clean vapor
⇒ A portable device that is easy to use.

G Pen Elite

So, another top option for mini portable vaporizer is G Pen Elite. The device comes with an adjustable temperature between 200 F to 428 F. The device is easy to clean and maintain. You will get only one power button and a USB charger adding to the convenience.

Key Features:

⇒ Works well with the dry herbs.
⇒ Ceramic heating chamber.
⇒ Full LED display.
⇒ Temperature control.
⇒ Battery life indicator.

Considering your needs and preferences, choose the buy the best mini portable vaporizer. Just make sure you choose a reputed sit for your purchases.

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